Solo Exhibition at RADIUS Center for Contemporary Art and Ecology, Delft, Netherlands 

In this project, I addresses the scope of man-made ecological wounds on the planet’s interspecies relationships. As a response, I aspires to overstep the physical and spiritual thresholds towards more embodied and regenerative ways of living on Earth. Informed by research on evolutionary biology—including molecular DNA, comparative embryology, fossil records, and anatomical evidence—cosmologies, and technologies of extraction, the exhibition cultivates a practice of attunement and resilience, to address narratives around the critical state of the planetary ecologies. Encompassing ceramic, painting, sculpture, installation, and meditation, work is an invitation to sharpen our five senses in imaginative, meditative, and spiritual ways in order to navigate anthropocentric wounds. This exhibition is a proposition to re-situate ourselves within a planet that is relational and contingent, for what we make of it is woven with larger systems of reciprocity and responsibility.  Extended exhibition text: link

 Exhibition view at RADIUS Center for Contemporary Art and Ecology, Delft, Netherlands

Nose, Breathing spirit (left), pencil and watercolor on paper, 140 x 220cm, 2023

Causality of extracting loaf of soil, cosmological soil as all species’s soul 
 Pastel, watercolor, acrylic on canvas, 220 x 160 cm, 2023

Evolutionary seed: Rising ancient future, the roots as integration to be one and many precious breathes
Ceramic, paper mache, pipe, color pigments, graval, 260 x 210 x 250cm, 2023

Becoming Planetary Souls
Five channel audio, ceramic, paper mache, pipe,wooden panel, jute, sand, gravel, color pigment, vegetable, fruits, latus and bamboo leafs 150 x 330 cm, 2023

Circulating Hopes: Degradation and Regeneration of Species's Emotions
Pastel on paper, 193 x 297cm, 2023

From the cells of the mother

exhibition view, single-channel video, 22:48 seconds, 2023

Video still cut

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