The distance between the rooms, Installation, 2013

The mandatory experience of two years of military service has focused my attention in questioning and resisting to hierarchy structures and mass behaviors. In Korean society, military models and reactionary ideologies through mass media and education are producing distance towards those communities which are in distrust with the dominant political system. So I begin to visit numerous protest site and interview the people which were organizing against the leading power. The material collected was of inspiration to realize a group of painting and sculptures. The colosseum as structure allowed a visibility of 360 degree. In this case the colosseum is split and dislocated, by that the view is partially obscured.

The distance between the rooms

Plaster, wood, mixed media; 6m perimeter, 1.5m height, 40,2 x 24,3 cm, 2013

        The distance between the rooms, Detail, 2013

Installation view

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