Objects that just flow and slip away therefore they become subsided

In Asian developing countries, included Korea, many plans of gentrification and redevelopment are letting a large number of people on the streets. In order to understand the situation, along one year, I was visiting the redevelopment sites and collecting things left behind by people expelled from their houses. During my reconnaissance I start adopting those objects which were speaking to me about the life and conditions of those people living in the area and therefore of the Korean traditions and habits.

The installation structure works as a place where these objects, having lost their ordinary functions, can coexist in harmony without hierarchies and distinctions. Their destiny is no more to disappear in the race of modernization, but a new functioni was given to them: they become a community of witness and storytellers of a large part of that society which has no voice in the process of history making.

Objects collected from a redevelopment district, plywood, 3.7 m x 3.7 m x 2.2 m, 2014


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