Myth of ancient sculpture, revealed message, 2021

In the mining cave, mineworkers were extracting stones to find gold and other precious natural resources. The mountain’s vibration and crashing sounds were echoing in all parts of the mountain and the worker’s mind too. Their conscious and unconscious were constantly flickering. Every time they break a piece of the mountain with dynamite bombs, their consciousness slowly disappears, also their sight, whenever they open their eyes, it wasn’t really opening eyes, but closing them and vice versa. 

One of the workers said it was like an eternal journey into the darkness with a body moving automatically. He has seen millions of colors with his spirit with closed eyes. He recalled how labor became the meditative process regardless of the roaring sounds of explosions. 

One day, while traveling through an unknown time, his spirit entered millions of time layers. He arrived at a gravitational field where ancient spiritual energies as patterns, karma, and universal casualties were interacting with each other. Ancient spiritual energies guided his spirit to show him how causality appeared in patterns as sculptures, natural forms, dimensions, layers. It was realistic and occasionally cosmic. One example that he clearly remembers are circulating arrows: A single arrow fired by a violent human became thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of millions of arrows and circulated in the earth, and they hit the massive network of the media world and the kingdom of human desire. Eventually, the arrows that cycled through thousands of years broke to become what we know as the system of the 21st century: globalization, boundaries, colonization, labor, violence, patriarchy, racism and militarism. 

Furthermore, there was one specific ancient spiritual energy that attracted him strongly, it was unclear to see what it really looked like because it had so many types of patterns combined. This ancient energy magnetically attracted him to a specific area, not only with his spirit but also with his body. He started digging the mining cave’s outer wall with his mandrel as someone who is possessed by otherness. After a while, a large sedimentary rock with small particles of human and animal bones fell down on the ground. Surprisingly, he woke up from unconsciousness along with the explosion, and a chunky sound of rock. He started to look closely. There was a big crack in the rock and a mysterious black stone was inside. He slowly revealed the wrapping sediment stone, then, he was astonished by the shape of an unidentifiable object in it. Many different species’ noses were engraved but moving on the object such as human, dog, elephant, snake, fish, mushroom, and flower, also insects with two rounded legs. He didn’t have any idea how to deal with this enigmatic object. After careful consideration, he decided to call an archaeologist. 

The archaeologist arrived at the spot with many tools to analyze the mysterious soil sculpture. The first thing he did was extract some parts of the surface to analyze the elements, magnets and bacteria in it. While checking the surface with a microscope, he discovered surprising movements in microorganism unlike others. Millions of cells and connections between other organisms were rotating by countless mini hurricanes, it was something which has not been seen yet in scientific areas so he realized that it wasn’t possible to prove it by existing scientific tools. In order to understand the circumstance, he invited various experts: botanists, geologists, museologist, mycologists, mineralogists and a shaman. 

Each expert met on the site, the weather was a bit wet. A misty rain made the smells of nature more vivid and sentimental. Each person started to speculate how this ancient sculpture was made, the geological formation and their balance in weight by comparing it with other totems in human history. But no one had an idea why and how this sculpture was breathing. Among various concerns, a mineralogist who used to work commercializing and selling ancient relics, suggested the option of secretly selling this mysterious sculpture with a high price, the others were confused 

and mad at the same time. While everyone was eating lunch outside of the cave, the mineralogist stole the sculpture, however when he decided to take it, he felt a strong lightning that quickly brought back the memory of his past life and the accumulated karma that should have been solved before the end of his life. Many faces were witnessing his behavior through his unconscious and spiritual visualization. He couldn’t even take a few steps while grasping it, and he left the cave afterwards. 

While imaginatively discussing, Geologist and Geneticist said that the sculpture didn’t seem to be made by ancient human hands, because of the difference between the elements in each nose, it was a real animal’s gene, human, cow, snake, dog, fish, insects, fungi, almost all life genes were compressed as one. 

Ah! Soil integration! Soil’s intention! Soil’s collaboration with dead humans and animals. Ah! Soil as soul!!! someone shouted out loudly. The loud voice of this enlightenment echoed all parts in the mining cave and it echoed back to everyone’s mind, opening up their hyper consciousness. They started to feel and think of it as a living existence. 

The geologist who checked the history and accumulation of geological data around those territories, found the incredible clue of soil transformation. The pattern and direction of lipids were accumulated to all directions: up, down, right, left, square, from round to triangle, vertical to horizon, it seemed like a free gravity entanglement, the type of soil, stones, humans and animal bones were all from different continents. 

Suddenly, the shaman who had been silent for a long time, to spiritually understand the space, started to react. 

The shaman’s prediction of this sculpture’s connection among all was deep and concentrated. As the mine worker had already experienced a multidimensional trip by his spirit, the shaman was able to access those multi-time areas more deeply and dynamically. In order to access the long tunnel of time, she needed to negotiate with many ancient spirits, sometimes by ancient forebears, sometimes by animals and plants. Every time she moved, the movement became a multi-layered sculpture, like a “sculpture of herself”, which started from the spiritual gate where she entered. Each time she made a step, millions of sculptures were speaking to her, she was confused. 

To flow in an appropriate direction, it is important to lose bad intentions and desires because they are destructive for spiritual sustainability, there is no space for lies and hidden intentions. Sometimes fake visuals were created by dead spirits of species in order to check the shaman’s intentions. There, everything is open as floating particles of water drops, they see and zoom through it, containing emotions that she might need to be highly conscious of herself to inspect her emotional condition and authenticity. It was the only way to pass, through experiencing and consoling the emotions of death spirits and emotions of human, animals and stones. 

She saw everything that was impossible to see and to speak with, sharing a vibrating warm energy that healed the shaking of their tears and environment. 

After this deep healing ceremony, this ancient co-breathing existence became a burned solid sculpture and she was able to end the long journey from the core to the spiritual gate that she entered, with rechecking and tracing the millions of “sculptures of her” (human history) created and passed already by her (human attitude). She recalled that those traces of long, fragmented and unbalanced sculptural evidence looked like a map in which it was incredibly difficult to find a gate (vision and sustainability), but she was able to find this gate again with generous help from forgotten humans and animals’ spirits (history). Even though they were threatened badly by human hegemony, they still have a wish, that we can do better. (Contemporary human attitude.) 

The shaman expressed as a messenger: Their expectation of this connection wasn’t meant to take this sculpture to the real world and analyze it. The intention of co-breathing spirits is to bring us here to see possibilities for the future, and be healed by a deep spiritual and authentic approach. However, they are still lonely and frightened even though they are in the soil, imagining receiving a tender and warm emotion from the actively circulating surface, which is us. Also, they hope to stop us accumulating sad emotions under the ground, the sad emotions from ground to end of the tree’s root, the fungi’s memories of burning animal habitats, moving bloody stones. All is reachable by massive interconnection in the natural world. 

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