Geological meditation: Inter connective layers for another perspective, 2021

We start by bringing together objects apparently unrelated. If we shift our perspective, we can see these images as an ecosystem containing infinite relations. When we cut vegetables and fruits, or we see broken stones from different geological areas, the internal patterns are intricate. Such complexity is evidence of how the energy from the Earth works, with magnets, ecosystems, and genes–the accumulation of tremendous universal elements.⠀

We process them together, traveling from pattern to pattern. Each design helps you to relate to another, and to understand the interconnections among the whole. Translate these patterns into a vocabulary of gestures, embodying non-human anatomies. By activating lines with our body, we try to represent the diverse dynamics disclosed in them. Maybe sharing this experience can enable us to think what is a sustainable mind in this unbalanced ecological period.

Installation for collective meditation, 2021

Exhibition view

Geological meditation workshop view, 2021


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