Invisible landscape  

video installation and performances, 2018

Invisible Landscape aims to inquire how the contemporary system based on capitalism, together with the development of technology is structuring people’s lives, especially in modern cities. The massive use of media technologies, together with the Internet, is not only producing a global possibility for connection, but is also affecting our relationship with the world. An example is how the internet is easily solving many problems in pratical ways but rise distraction to re-direct user's desire, making people always less curious of experiencing various reality. The virtual experience of the world is not only affecting the cognitive processes, but as well the sphere of empathy, increasing a lack of sensibility in individuals. This seems to favor the distance between humans and nature, and between humans as well, as that among developed and poor countries.

In the video, different furniture and domestic appliances, as the microwave, the freezer, etc., are placed in the middle of the Scottish countryside to reproduce the squared shape of those tiny apartments which we easily find within the congested hyper cities of China, South Korea, United States, etc. I asked a performer to live as one of those householders would live, eating pre-cooked industrial food, connecting with friends by media technologies, exploring the world through YouTube, training with an exercise bike, sleeping. In the middle of such natural context all these acts acquire a grotesque aspect, as if, like the animals, humans are living constrained into an intensive production system, a transparent prison.

Video Installation, 12 minutes, video 4k, 2018

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