Junghun Kim (South Korea, 1991) lives and works in Rotterdam.

His work researches the effects of economic and technological development on peoples' perception and attitude in relation to the contemporary world. By observing transformative dynamics in the natural world and societies, Kim's works are conceived as activation systems which look to stimulate a critical reflection towards the reality we live in. Recently, he has been selected for Korean Young Artist 2021, National Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art (MMCA, Korea). And "SeMA Emerging Artists & Curators Support Program in 2019, Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA, Korea) with the solo exhibition "Fragmented measure, vitality of the spirit". In 2017 he attended Carsten Höller's workshop at Botín Foundation in Santander (Spain).  He also exhibited among others at Villa Iris, Santander, Spain (2017), Art Space Boan 1942 (Seoul, South Korea, 2017), Space 800/40 (Seoul, South Korea, 2015), TN Gallery (Beijing, China, 2010). 

Curriculum Junghun Kim, 김정헌

Phone: (+31) 06 45 124 615 


Birth: .1991/ South Korea

Lives and work between Netherlands and South Korea,


2021 MFA Piet Zwart Institute, Master of Fine Arts (Cum Laude), Rotterdam, Netherlands;

2015 BFA Kyung Hee University College of Fine Arts, Painting, Seoul, South Korea;

Workshops and Residencies

2018 Nightshift, “Frontiers in Retreat” residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) in Lumsden, Scotland, United Kingdom;

2017 Selected Artist for Carsten Höller's Game Workshop organized by Fundación Botín , Santander, Spain;

Solo Exhibition & projects

2023 " Solo Exhibition"  RADIUS Center for Contemporary Art and Ecology, Delft, Netherlands (Upcoming);

2019 " Fragmented measure, vitality of the spirit" solo exhibition at Seoul Museum of Art storage, SeMA, Seoul, South Korea;

Selected Group Exhibitions &  projects

2022  "Seven Perspectives"  Group exhibition, Alcheon Museum, Gyeongju, South Korea (Upcoming)

2022  "Whereabout" Group exhibition, Sign Project Space, Groningen, Netherlands;

2021   "Young Korean Artists" 20th edition of MMCA’s biennial, Group exhibition, National Museum of Modern andContemporary Art, MMCA, Gwacheon, South Korea;

2021  "Ancestral Fortune"  Group exhibition, MAMA, Rotterdam, Netherlands; 

2021  "Material context"  Group exhibition,, Het Archief, Rotterdam, Netherlands;  

2021  "The Earth is Blue" GlobalArtist collaboration, Online Group show, TAAS 's  platform, Online;

2020 "Geological meditation"  within "Communities" curated by Rosa de Graaf, Witte de With Center for Contemporary of Art's Instagram platform;

2020  The SugarCumPro ‘white and viscous gold’ group exhibition , Out-sight, Seoul, South Korea;

2020 South Exporer, Group exhibition, Studio Pompstraat, Rotterdam, Netherlands; 

2020  Studio open, Group exhibition, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands;

2018 “Invisible landscape” performance at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) in Lumsden, Scotland, United Kingdom;

2017 “Jaguar”, Villa Iris, group exhibition, Foundation Botin, Santander, Spain;

2017 “Spring, summer, short”, Artspace Boan 1942, Seoul, South Korea;

2015 “Aura navigation and purifying project” 24hours solo performance and exhibition, 800/40, Seoul, South Korea;

2014 Graduate exhibition, Kyung Hee Museum, KUMA, Seoul, South Korea;

2014 “Premie” United Gallery group exhibition, Seoul, South Korea;

2013 "Second Wave", Kunst-Kaarst group exhibition, Düsseldorf, Germany;

2013 “The gap between the rooms” group exhibition, KUMA Museum, Seoul, South Korea;

2010 “A pace of harmony” TN gallery group Exhibition, Beijing, China;


2019 SeMA Emerging Artists & Curators Support Program, Seoul Museum of Art;

2019 Project Grant, GyeongJu Foundation of Arts and Culture, South Korea;

Publications and Lectures

2020 "Shot pieces that move" publication , Piet zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands;

2017 “The Multiple Landscape”, lecture at AlbumArte curated by Wonderlust #rome, Rome, Italy;

Article, Press 

2021 Metropolis M, Graduation shows 2021 - Piet Zwart Institute- Material context, text by Pernilla Ellens, online, Netherlands; 

2021 LUXURY, "20 Artists we must remember 2021", Art section, Page 250-257, April, Press, South Korea;

2021 AQNB**, "Slippery realities, digital fictions & fluid spaces in the immersive installation group show SugarCumPro ‘white and viscous gold’", March, Online;

2020 Art Monthly UK,"Silence" text by Sophie J Williamson, Page 13-16, Art Monthly 438: Jul-Aug, Press, United Kingdom; 

2020 Metropolis M, What do the presentation settings do during the lockdown? text by Laura van den Bergh- On Hold # 8, Online, Netherlands;

2019 Art In culture, "Grey areas of vision " Page 68-71, text by Jinho Lim, August 2019, Press, South Korea;




MFA, 피트 즈바르트 인스티튜트, 순수예술 석사 (Piet Zwart Institute – Master of Fine Arts), 로테르담, 네덜란드


BFA, 경희대학교 미술대학 회화전공 졸업, 서울


2019 “분열된 측정, 정신적 활동성”, " Fragmented measure, vitality of the spirit ", 서울시립미술관 창고, SeMA 창고, 서울

그룹전, 솔로 프로젝트

2018 “Invisible landscape” ,“ 보이지않는 풍경”, 퍼포먼스, Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), 럼즈던, 스코틀란드, 영국

2017 “Jaguar”, Villa Iris 그룹전 (파운데이션 보틴), 센트로 보틴 후원, 산탄데르, 스페인

2017 “木茶: , 여름 단편”, 그룹전, 보안여관, 서울

2015 “기운 탐색, 정화, ” 24시간 퍼포먼스 & 레지던시 솔로 프로젝트, 800/40, 서울

2014 “경희대학교 미술대학 졸업전시”, 경희대학교 미술관, KUMA, 서울

2014 “미숙아그룹전, 유나이티드 갤러리, 서울

2013 "Second Wave", 쿤스트-카스트 그룹전 (Kunst-Kaarst group exhibition), 뒤셀도르프, 독일

2013 “Presentation” , 그룹전, 경희대학교 미술관, KUMA, 서울

2010 “A pace of harmony” TN갤러리 그룹전, 베이징, 중국

레지던시, 워크샵

2018 레지던시 프로그램, Nightshift, “Frontiers in Retreat” Residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), 럼즈던, 스코틀란드, 영국

2017 카스텐 휠러 (Carsten Höller) 펠로우 아티스트 워크샵, 파운데이션 보틴 (Fundación Botín ), 산탄데르, 스페인

퍼블리케이션, 아티스트 토크

2017 "The Multiple Landscape", 렉쳐, 아티스트 토크, 알부마르떼 (AlbumArte), 큐레이션- Wonderlust #rome, 로마, 이탈리아

2017~ “Jaguar” 아티스트 게임 북, 파운데이션 보틴, 산탄데르, 스페인


2019신진미술인 전시지원 프로그램, 서울시립미술관, 서울

2019 창작 지원금, 경주문화재단, 경주

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